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Educating Malawi

Malawi is a nation that boasts a vibrant culture and hospitable people. The locals have a unique ability to make a profound impact on visitors, leaving them with unforgettable memories. Once you encounter the warmth and kindness of the Malawian people, your life will be forever changed.

The beginning

It all began when a 10-year-old American boy traveled across the world to meet another 10-year-old boy in a small town in Malawi, Africa. Riley Petitt, from Loveland, Colorado, and Timothy Mahoney, from Embangweni, Malawi, quickly became lifelong friends. This type of tale is not uncommon, as anyone who has journeyed to the Warm Heart of Africa can share a similar story to ours. The Malawian people have a way of changing your life forever. Once you meet them, you'll never be the same.  Read the rest of Timothy Mahoney's story here


Timothy's story sparked a passion within us to empower school kids in rural villages throughout Malawi.  Hence the birth of Educating Malawi.  Fast forward fifteen years to our first great success story, Dumisani Chavula.  


Dumisani began his educational journey with Educating Malawi during Form 1, the equivalent of the freshmen year of high school here in the U.S.  His story is one of passion, dedication and drive.  Each year he finished the top of his class, and today is completing his final year of college at the University of Malawi.

Our latest Educating Malawi adventure, Malawi Tech Solutions, is introducing Tech classes to Secondary Schools within rural Malawi villages.  Our pilot project has taken root in the village of Embangweni, the home of our very own Dumisani Chavula.  After four years of tech courses at the local secondary school our students will continue on to obtain an electronics and computer engineering college degree. 


Dumisani Chavula Scholorship Success Story


Malawi Tech Solutions

Our Journey

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